My Robin Williams Tribute Page

I can finally put this project to bed I think. I really like the way it came out.

Robin Williams Tribute

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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First off…I can hardly believe it has been nearly 3 years now… my heart still gets so heavy to see him, incredible and talented guy… awesome subject for a tribute.

Your code looks really good…only thing missing is an alt tag on your image, super easy fix! Visually…I love the black and white. For your text, Id suggest not using white on black background because the contrast is kind of rough on the eyes to read text on… I favour #c8c8c8, its still looks white, but it takes the edge off the contrast so that its not so striking…

Only other thing is…you are using 4 different fonts with a mixture of serif, san-serif and handwritten…it looks like theres a lot going on an right on the edge of elegance…can simplify your font use to one font as a header, and a san-serif for body of text for readability. Also, you can remove the asterisk from the biography header…no need to remark a disclaimer :smiley: Just having the link for reference where it is is enough.

I know it seems like a lot, but it isnt really!!! You did a great job and I really do like how you aimed to keep things clean and simple. Also, I love your use of tabs!!! Very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback. I love all your suggestions and will take them all into account. I think after a while my brain went numb and it all started to blur together, if that makes sense. Can’t believe I forgot an alt tag.