My Ron Swanson quote generator - feedback welcome

I’ve never really done much with APIs before, so all I really know is that I got it working - but not that it’s necessarily working the best way - so pointers are definitely welcome

fyi, I haven’t fully hammered out the responsive aspect of it, so it’s currently best viewed on desktop

thanks for looking!

I like it. Tweeting something longer than 140 chars is a problem (actually mine has the same issue!!)
Looks responsive enough to me. Nice one!

And I like his 'tache!!

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yeah, I’m not sure what to do about the over-140 character problem… as of right now I just cut down the length of the quote for the tweet, but that isn’t very satisfactory - let me know if you come up with a better solution for yours

The simplest solution would be to reject quotes longer than 140 chars from the API but that’s a shame to have to do that. I think tweeting is the secondary task in this challenge so I would leave it as is.

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