My second project - Survey Form


Anyone have a feedback about my project…All are welcome :wink:

Good job! Nice looking form. Few things I would change.

  • Try giving some space between the navbar and the form.
  • Instead of populating your inputs with values, use placeholders instead.
  • Try changing cursor of the mouse when it hovers on submit button.
  • Make it responsive on mobile.

Cheers :tada:

I think the tips have been fulfilled. Thanks.

I’m still seeing the form pre-populated with values. Try removing the value= attributes in your inputs, and the placeholders should then show up.

I put values ​​to test the submission.
But I’ve retired, thanks again for the feedback. :wink:

There is no indication of what fields are required until you try clicking “submit” and get an error. While researching an article to explain the reasons for marking fields required, I actually found this great article about the psychology of marking “required” and “optional” fields, so it might be better to mark fields that are optional.

Edit: If all of the fields are required, maybe add a statement at the top of the form “Please fill out form completely before submitting, thanks!”

Thanks @shadew!,

I think it’s cool that every tip I feel is increasing my learning and connecting with what I see on the net.

Very good