My Self-Study Guide for Web Development

My Self-Study Guide for Web Development
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This is a guide I have created for myself in my pursuit to learn web development. I thought I’d share it in case anyone finds it helpful. It took me a few days to make it. I have made a duplicate of this repository so no worries about having to go back and removing anything that is checked off.To check an element off in github, just edit the and change the box next to the completed task:
from - [ ] to -[x] and save it.

Here is the repository:
Web Dev Study Guide


good job! I’ll read your guide.


Would you recommend ?
I’ve never heard of it before tbh


Everyone has their recommendations on what to do and swear to them, but really, everyone learns differently and so some people lean more towards certain resources than others. I won’t say that Epicodus’ course material is as great as if you were taking it in person, especially since you are very unlikely to be doing pair programming or getting the extra material the teachers may provide, but it is really useful. If you like structure and things building on each other then that is the perfect place for you. I listed other learning materials in the study guide to reinforce topics covered as well as go over things that may have been completely omitted from the courses.

In short, I absolutely recommend it.