My Silly Survey Project

Hello all again!! Just looking for any advice ya’ll may have for my survey project! I’d really appreciate anything ya’ll could teach me :grin:

Hi Chirok,

I hope you had a lot of fun making this :slight_smile:

There’s lots more that you could do or experiment with if you’d like!

I have just completed this task, and while mine could be sharpened up a bit more I had a lot of fun choosing the fonts and images.(

Specific advice I’d suggest separating the different label sets into their own divs and aligning them one way or another so the checkboxes line up.

It’s also not recommeded to use
unless you need a linebreak specifically (like for lines of a poem).
These sections would be better organised in separate divs with margins.
I would also suggest putting some margin under your submit button so it’s not hard up against the bottom.

You could also use border-radius to round the corners of the form to make it look a little softer (can do that too with the fields if you’d like).

Is there anything specific that you’d like to add but you’re not sure how?


edit: just noticed that this was a year old after replying haha!

I would change the bright green color! It’s a bit too bright to comfortably look at. You could also explore different font styles and colors!