My Simon Game. Please break :)

Please note currently sound doesn’t seem to work on android and the phone experience is rather poor.
Outside of that I’m really happy with this implementation. It scales pretty well if you resize the window. My absolute jewel in the crown for me is my counter digits which don’t use a font but rather borders to simulate a realistic old school screen. It has 4 skill levels and a strict mode. The only part I’d really like to go back and change is I use counters to break out of timed loops if the game is restarted or turned off but I’d need to find a better solution. Anyway here it is:
My Simon

edit: if you change debugSequence to true on line 11 it will output the sequence to the console…

Very nice work! good, very good.

The only issue is when new counter is started. It’s started immediately after user input a level/round.

This could be great if there is some delay before new counter starts.

keep going on great work! My Simon is great. Happy programming

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Ah yes definitely something to add. Thank you. Also I like to watch tutorials after finishing a project to see how other people solve the problems so i might learn something for my next project but my goodness did it hurt when I realised clearTimeout was a thing. I could have simply kept an array of timeouts to clear on reset or off instead I used a counter that incremented every time I started a new game or powered the machine and passed that counter to EVERY timeout and compared it to its current state when the function finally ran, breaking out if the two numbers were different. That is now priority one when I recode this for my portfolio…

Very nice, I have a ways to go to start coding this project but enjoyed playing the game for a couple minutes.

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You’ll get there I’m not long from doing the first tribute page, even if I dabbled a bit in coding years ago. You have no idea how much it made me smile to think that someone had fun playing on it. I didn’t expect that but honestly it lit me up more than any in depth code review so thanks for that!