My simple tribute page

Just want to share this simple tribute page about Tracy McGrady. Any feedback is much appreciated. :upside_down:

Thank you

Good! here are my personal suggestions:

You could use a different font/color/size for the title and subtitle, that way it could be separated from the background (to create contrast).

You could use a div for your header, that way you could use margins to move that block to your desired position.

The < br > tag (< /br > is its closing tag) is used to make a new line within your text, you can use ids or classes to manage your paragraphs.

It looks better if the rest of the text (the one with the link) could be centered. You can also use the β€œalt” attribute within any text, so instead of creating a β€œME!” link you could bound the link to something like this:

If you want to know more about this beast, just click here :slight_smile:

Keep practicing and good luck!

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I remove those < /br > tags, and used margins instead. I also change the font color, but I want to keep to use the default font for this project.

Anyways, thank you for the suggestions. :thumbsup: