My simpsons quote generator

Here is my project…

I would like more feedback on how to make it responsive and more user appealing. I used css flexbox to build project. also, overall feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Without a doubt, the funniest quote generator I’ve seen so far :smiley:

Just one thing: let the user now the content is loading. If the users wait too much for it to load without knowing the content is still loading, they might leave without even trying your app.

Good job!

thank you @SpaniardDev… Actually the idea comes from another user. lol.

what do you suggest so i can let know users content is loading ?

One major issue is the Twitter button doesn’t work.

Two small adjustments i’d recommend.

  • change your page title. It currently reads “Document”
  • remove the fixed height from the character image. The fix height is effecting the ratio and some of the characters look squashed.

Just use a “loading quotes” text while the content is still loading, for example.

I would need to check if window is loaded then right? i have never done this before and i am fairly new to programming.

Make a new preloader text, for example, and after the axios.get() method has been completed, you can hide the preloader.

I was able to add a loader… The problem i am having now is that the container doesnt stay a fixed width. i am not sure if it is a flexbox issue.

Reading your code it should be 50% of the width. Looks good from my phone.

till u go on desktop haha lol but thank you for ur time/effort/feedback… do you ever use css frameworks ?

Sometimes, yeah. Why?

@SpaniardDev just wondering … i am looking at other css frameworks besides boostrap to give myself flexibility when building.

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That’s great. The more you know… :slight_smile:

Tweet quote isn’t working.

Looks nice though