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Hello community, I would like to ask some advice about my situation and what I could do in this case, the thing is that I am from Venezuela and the situation here is not good at all. Last year I entered the university and everything was relatively normal until the pandemic arrived, everything stopped and now the future is uncertainand, so I have not been able to advance through that medium (surely this will continue for one or two more years, optimistically), I would like to work in the gaming industry, that is my ultimate goal, but lately what catches my attention is to be able to ensure a future with a good work in any field. I found this place and I have seen a lot about what is said about being self-taught and the opportunities that can be achieved by studying on these online platforms but I do not know what I should do exactly.

If you have any recommendation, advice, guide or comment, it will be pleasantly received. Thanks

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I’m sorry about your situation. It’s been a rough year for everyone, but it sounds like it’s hit you a little harder.

Yeah, it makes sense - you’re stuck at home, why not learn something?

You mention the gaming industry. The FCC program is focussed on web development so it may not be the best path. There may be some overlap, but when I think of hardcore games, I would expect them to be written in languages like C, C++, or C# - we don’t teach any of those here. There are simpler, browser based games and a gaming company needs a web site, so there might be some overlap, depending on what you want to do. I’m no expert in game coding, but that’s my understanding.

But yes, you can be self-taught and land a job. I’m speaking about web dev here - I’m assuming it can be done in gaming, but I know it can be done in web dev because I did it. It may be a little difficult if you live in a “non-tech hub” country, but it should still be possible, especially as jobs become more global and portable. It’s not easy - it’s very hard - but it can be done.

What to do? If you want to learn web dev, I’d say to go to the FCC curriculum (or something like it) and start at the beginning and don’t stop until you get at the end. Then you keep learning things and building increasingly complex projects. And you start that long and difficult process of getting the first job. I don’t know what it is like for gaming, but I expect it’s something similar. I’m sure if you google “how to be a self-taught game programmer”, you’ll get some good answers.

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Thanks for everything, yes right now I think anything I can learn from any field (in programming) will be helpful.

Yeah, even if you decided to go to game programming in some other language, a lot of what you learn in FCC would help, especially the JavaScript and algorithm stuff.

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i’m sorry to hear about your situation. i hope things get better! i’m new to coding and i’m also interested in the gaming industry, so i’ll go ahead and share some things that have helped me out and hopefully they’ll help you out, too. i’m currently learning c++ via codecademy ( which has been going well for me, but they also provide free online courses for different languages such as java and python. there is a huge amount of free online resources that you can use to help you learn how to code; if you search up “free online coding courses,” heaps of links pop up for various websites that can teach you. honestly, the best way to determine if a particular coding website is right for you is just by trying it out. don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to find one that works, just keep trying until you find what’s best for you. you can also find tons of youtube videos, podcasts, and online coding forums/communities that can be beneficial if you have specific questions or just want to hear/talk about coding in general. if you wanted, you could also get some books about coding, but i don’t have any experience with that personally so i can’t really provide advice for it. overall, just be open to trying out different websites and make sure you find one that genuinely works well and helps you learn. i hope this helped somewhat

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Thank you for taking the time to read and write, it is greatly appreciated. Yes, I have seen some pages and Channels in YT, and I have learned a bit of Python and C ++, as you say there are many resources to learn on the web, I will continue with this process. I also hope that you will be successful on your coding journey. Thank you.

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