My Slay the Spire Survey Page

Slay the Spire Survey

Hello All,

I decided to make my survey page for the certification about one of my favorite video games!

All C&C welcome, and I wouldn’t say no to a little encouragement, either. In particular, I think there might need to be some work done on the responsiveness of the page. It passes the test as is, however, and I’ve already spent a lot more time than I intended.


HI @weinheimer.raymond !
Welcome to the forum!

I think your project looks good.

Yeah, it still needs works with the mobile view here.

It is easier to smart with mobile design first and then work your way up to larger devices then the other way around IMO.

I don’t think there is a timeline for completing projects.
Remember the goal is the learning process and practicing your skills.
The more work and extra features you put into it the more you will learn :grinning:

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