My solutions are a lot less succinct than FCC's solutions


I’m working through the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenges, which I’m finding a lot of fun.

I look at the solutions ONLY once I’ve passed the challenge I’ve just worked on, however I’m finding my code is much more convoluted than the code options given by FCC ; in many cases the FCC solutions use methods I’ve not yet been taught in the curriculum.

I’ve refrained myself from looking at Google up until now - am I approaching this wrong? Maybe I’m just looking for some reassurance…


If you are still learning then it’s almost guaranteed that the solutions in the hints will be “better” than yours. But that’s a part of learning. You give it your best try and then compare against others and learn from them. If after looking at a solution you aren’t happy with yours, clear your solution and revisit the problem again in a few days, using a different approach.

And there is nothing wrong using google to get information about how to solve a problem if needed. If the problem is “find the least common multiple of two numbers” and you have no idea how to do that then you should learn how to do that before you begin typing. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to take those searches.

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