My Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers does not pass all the test on FCC but elsewhere it is okay

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I have written a code which when I used repl to run the tests it pass but here it does not pass the test number 4, 5, and 6.

what could be wrong?

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Array.prototype.last = function(){
		return this[this.length-1];
Array.prototype.lastBut1 = function(){
	return this[this.length-2]

 var arr = [1,1];

function sumFibs(num) {
while(arr.last()+ arr.lastBut1()<=num){
var arr1=arr.filter(arr=>arr%2!==0);
var accumulator = (accumulator,currentValue)=>accumulator+currentValue;
var sum = arr1.reduce(accumulator)
  return sum;


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Hey @ndangalasi ,
Your code needs to be efficient to pass the challenge.
Your code is activating the FCC’s infinite loop protection.

So, try to make your code a little efficient.

All the best.

Thank you. let me work on it.