My Survey Form Assignment

Hey FCC!
I just finished my second assignment and I’m kind of nervous sharing it with the community - I started to get into coding 3 weeks ago and it’s really fun for me - now I’d like some productive feedback on the survey form. Forget about the content, it’s just nonsense - I styled everything with bootstrap and I feel quite happy with the code, What I really could need is some ideas for how to make everything look a little better/modern/neater. Any ideas are appreciated!

I like the styling but it seems more retro than modern to me (cool still but I know you want modern).
You could own this style and make the survey about old music records…
Or if you really want modern then you should rethink the grey and black combo. Here’s an example of modern surveys I found online: (animated, colorful)

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thank you so much! this seems a little advanced for me now, but i like the colors and fonts used in that one!