My Survey Form for Fuji Bar

Good day! :slightly_smiling_face:
This is my second project
I will be glad to your opinion and comments.
There are many ideas on how to arrange it differently, but today this is the best option. :thinking:

Hey @wolfnt!
Your project looks good! There are some things to rework.

  • When the Browser is narrow the Font Size should be reduced.
  • You Can add text at the footer like "Made By wolfnt ".

That’s my feedback,

Thanks and Happy Coding!

@codely Thanks for your feedback! I will make changes!

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Hi @wolfnt!

I see a lot of similarity in the code between yours and the FCC sample. So remember the purpose of these projects is to create something functionally similar (translation: pass the user stories)

The FCC sample is just one way to create a survey form. If you look through the forum at other users forms you will see a lot of variety in terms of how they decided to structure their code.

This is your opportunity to research, experiment and learn how to do different things in html and css. These projects don’t have to be perfect or super polished. Remember that these samples were created by a professional. You are not expected to recreate their code structure because you are just starting out.

Please keep that in mind for these projects.


Hi @jwilkins.oboe!
Thank you for your comment. Be sure to take these notes into account when creating the next works!
I will work with the code for this work in the near future.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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