My Survey Form needs your help, Please!

So, got the survey form almost ready, but your feedback will be appreciated before i can submit it finally. Here is the Survey Form

Good. Just the header is not responding as neatly as the form itself. Perhaps give it the same max-width?

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Thanks, for the correction

Set the title class width to 67%. And also the border-radius to 15px.

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Hi - just had a quick cursory look at your survey form - it looks good mate and seems to respond well. Nice work.

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What do you mean by cursory look please?

I mean I didn’t inspect in detail by using inspect element/dev tools etc.

definition of cursory (Oxford English Dictionary) = “hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed”

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Okay, yeah happy to see you guys help out, sincerely am learning, Thanks
Would like to contribute too

I really love the design, however at around 757px width it becomes unresponsive and stays that way until 521px.

Also just a personal preference but adding

transition: 0.5s ease;

to #submit really adds to the effect.


Design is good.
remove background color and border-radius of title and increase font size of it.
it will be attractive.

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Thanks @ omisoul, made the correction, please see if i did it right.

Yes you did :grin:
You can play around with the time to suite your style.

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