My Survey Form open for criticism and help

Hi there here is the link to my survey form i’ve been having some trouble running the tests please take a look at it and help me out and i’m open to criticism

Link to the challenge:

Hi there!
I see that you don’t have designed your form much, it’s pretty plain. Anyways, the functionality should not be compromised.

When you make a checkbox or radio button you have to make sure that the corresponding text is linked to it.

The tests are also not done properly,


make sure that you’re passing all the tests, to check which points are not correct click on the RED test button

I’m linking mine form - click here
You can take a look as and make sure you refactor your checkboxes and radio buttons

The whole code is there you can also take a look at how it’s done.
I’ll be happy to help.

Well I was actually hurrying to get it done at the time but I’ll work on ith and post the link when I’m done, oh and I’ll post my tribute page tommorow I’d like to know what you think i think it is nice actually.