My Survey Form project - hope can give some feedback:')

Hello everyone,
I have done my survey form project, this time I try to create a survey for detective agency , hope you guys can give me some feedback, thank you and wish you have a nice day :blush:!

Not bad for a first time you did well and you can be proud.
But maybe
What kind of survey services do you need?
Tracking and the Monitor
Emotional Investigation
are the excat same font and color

Not bad, looks pretty good.

  1. I’d maybe increase the font size slightly.

  2. Your radio buttons are missing the labels.

  3. Add resize: vertical to the textarea so it can only be made taller and not wider by the user.

  4. Add cursor: pointer to the submit button.

  5. I would add a media query to remove the auto margin and make the form 100% wide at lower screen widths. Probably right around the size before you see elements start to wrap down to a new line inside the form (like 860px or so).

Good job, keep it up!

Hi @kxin,
Your form looks great! However, you should consider adding some padding to your textarea, it will help the user to see the cursor.

You are missing <label>s on the selects and textarea. You are not using <label> correctly for the radio buttons. Each button gets its own label.

Do not set the height in pixels on your inputs and selects. As I make the text size bigger the text in those get cut off. You don’t really need a height set on them in the first place, but if you insist, then use ‘em’. For the textarea change the height to ‘em’ as well.

As you narrow the browser the radio buttons do not adjust properly. At a certain point the ‘Female’ text drops to the next line but the button for it stays above. Make sure that the button and text always stay together.

@Code_Camper It passes all the tests for me, are you sure you ran the correct test?

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@KittyKora @lasjorg @bbsmooth @Code_Camper
I feel ashamed that I missed a lot of things :disappointed_relieved:, thank you for your suggestions, this gave me more directions, I will trying to modify these problem and keep myself to learning, hope I can make more progress and wish you all have a great day :grin:

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You have nothing to be ashamed of.

The form looks good and you did well. Keep up the great work!

Hello @kxin

Your survey is looking overall great, so well done :slight_smile:

However, there is two small feedback from the accessibility design point of view.

  • There is a conflict with the main heading’s colour and your background colour. There isn’t a strong contrast on the left side, which becomes harder to read. especially for those with colour blindness.

  • It also applies the same to your text underneath your main heading as well. Plus, the font size is too small to be readable.

Hope this helps and again, good job on your project.

Keep it up! :+1:

@lasjorg @kxin
Oh, I accidentally set the test to tribute page!
It passed all Survey Form tests. Sorry about that!

You might feel ashamed at the moment but, it’s better then have never asked and remaining an idiot through life time. Be proud here as you just have taken another step in your code journey. :3

@KittyKora @lasjorg Thank you for your positive encouragement. This gives me more motivation to strengthen my skills. I will absorb these suggestions and try to learn more things that I am not familiar with. Thank you for your advice. I was very confused when I finished. It may seem OK, but I still think there is something wrong. I think I can research it and make overall adjustments.

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Just checked out your project again. It is looking much better now in terms of readability. :+1:

You have mentioned that you were confused by something. Just want to point out if you are stuck and need help, feel free to ask on here.

Again, great job and happy coding :slight_smile:

2 Likes You let me feel more confident to keep hard!!Thank you!! :grin:

I am new here … will you help me ?