My Survey Form - You Matter!

I’ve probably overdone it a bit, but couldn’t stop… :wink:

Hence, I’ve added a results page; means, when you submit the form, you can see what you’ve entered resp. get some movie tips worth watching!

Here we go: Survey Form

…done with: HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox

Happy to get any feedback on bugs, improvements etc… :pray:

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Great job. Love the extra functionality. not keen on the agenda pushing.

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I looks very good, yes really great.

One suggestion I would give for you is about place each checkbox in one line(not two in a line) for mobile view(same for radio buttons).
For now, I think having two checkbox near to each other in mobile is a little mess, check:

Also I suggest you center the submit button. It’s already great, sharp and cool.

Keep goin on great work, happy coding.

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Thank you for your kind feedback!

Thanks a lot for taking the time and your feedback!

You’re right, on small devices it looks crappy. I’ve adjusted the layout now according to your inputs!

Awesome, now it’s great! Well done.

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Glad to hear! :wink: Thanks again! :pray: