My Survey Page - How can I improve?

Here’s my survey:

I think it looks ok, but the code might be kind of messy. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!


Looks excellent to me!

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Thank you! Do you think the code is easy to read?

Yes for sure. I’m about the same level as you and think you’ve understood everything very well so far. Onto the next challenge!

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Hi, good work! But, background-color: #fsfsfs; this is an invalid color hex, [0-9A-F], so there’s no S whatsoever.

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Oops, thanks for spotting that! It’s fixed now.

Hahahaha, dang, I was gunna make a cat survey too! :paw_prints:
I really like your projects you’ve posted on here, btw. They’re very nicely designed. You got a good eye for it Keep up the good work!

Haha, thank you!

I’d love to see your cat survey if you make one :wink: