My Survey Project..Feedback Needed

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Just completed the Survey Challenge. Please review and let me have your feedbacks…Thank you


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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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You’ve got some issues when the layout makes the transition from the black div on the side to the top. As I narrow the browser, as soon as that div moves to the top it is covering up the name input box and I have no way to scroll to it.

Thank you for your feedback @bbsmooth . I’ve checked and made necessary adjustment. Could you please check again to verify this. Thanks

Yes, that transition is working much better now. A few more things to work on:

  • In the narrow view (when the black div is on the top) there is a big empty space to the left of the form which is pushing it to the right. (Hint: you don’t need to set a float or width on the form).
  • Use ‘em’ to set the height on inputs/buttons instead of ‘px’. That way they grow taller as the text size increases.
  • A few of your labels have for attributes pointing to the wrong input.
  • You have duplicate IDs on your select lists.
  • You need a label for your textarea.

Done! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: