My take on the Survey Form

I decided to mock this one up as if it were for a real estate agency that needed a pre-open house survey for their constituents. Dont worry, the agent name/phone number/etc isnt real and is randomly generated. Let me know how I can improve it!

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The responsiveness is good, but you might want to remove the margins at narrow widths so that the form takes up the whole width rather than getting squished between the green background.

Also, your checkboxes and radio buttons should use labels, so that when I click on the label, the associated checkbox or radio button should be activated. I see you do have <label> tags, but I don’t think they’re matching up with the id’s of the elements they’re supposed to be labels for.

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Epic! Will fix the labels, thanks for the suggestion!

Well. What do I have to say?

Nice idea with the gradient, could look better imo, don’t know exactly how thought (google’s your friend there eheh)
The responsiveness is good but could be better for the header &desc-box
Finally, you could add an animation to your submit btn.

Keep up the good work,

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