My Tech Doc and Media Queries re: Views

Hello all!

I have a multi-faceted question.

Testing in Notepad ++ via Firefox
Writing in Sublime
Viewing in Firefox Responsive/PC and on iphone, ummmm (I’m ashamed, idk, it was a gift). An i8 maybe.

When I test my page in responsive on the pc, it’s fine. I have not activated the nav for stacking on a mobile, but the current fixed side disappears at 599px and reappears at 600.
Which is what I want.

On Mobile (Vertical) in full screen, the side nav is gone (what I want) and the page stacks but it’s still floating in the window side to side which I do not want. Edit: I guess I need to know why on this one, too.

The other thing is that in the full view on mobile, when I turn the phone horizontally, the side nav reappears which I do nOt want. Why is that? That is my first question.

My next question is regarding the mobile view choices in the editor window
In the 1x, .25 and so on, what are those sizes used for and should I concern myself with them?

Thank you all,

Carolyn[My Tech Doc] (

Probably when held in landscape the width (long dimension of phone) is greater than 600px. There are media queries that include orientation that you might use to remedy that. Say your side menu still shows at 600px width unless it is on a phone sized device and that device is in landscape orientation.

I have android phone and did not see any side to side.

1X is the mobile view but I haven’t found that to be 100% accurate (and I haven’t found the device emulators in dev tools to be 100% accurate either).


Thank you very much.
This really gives me perspective.
I will look up the landscape queries.