My Technical Doc. Page

Hello everyone.

I got inspire by this page, and did my interpretation on it using this other page as source.

My Technical Doc. Page

What do you guys think?
(there is a little problem with the links on the left side, the fcc-tes script is interfering but if you remove it, it works fine)

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looking good
it is doing this weird thing at full screen

see where the text is cut off
If I make the window smaller then it is all visible
about the script it should go at the end of your document right before the closing body tag

I see it, thanks. let me fix that.

Hello! You did a wonderful job replicating the Ruby website you found. It looks really professional! Just some buggy things I noticed while navigating through it, both in large and small screen views.

The problem I’m facing in full screen is when I try to click through your nav links, they eventually become unclickable. I’m not really sure why they give up like that after a few clicks throughs :confused: (actually, I counted and I’m only able to click 5 links and then the menu and its links go dead)

Also, with the menus, I see on small screens that when I click your hamburger nav, it makes a horizontal scroll appear. I think its from the grey overlay you added to cover the content while the menu is out. I’d probably make the width of the overlay smaller or added an overflow hidden on it. I’m not sure which one will do the deed, but test either one out, I’m pretty sure one of them will help it.

And with your small screen nav, I’d try to keep the top and side navigation fixed to the top of the screen (but still only appear when you click on the hamburger menu). Once I click a link in the small nav, it takes me to that area on the page, but doesn’t allow me to continue to see the menu again unless I scroll to the top. It’d be helpful to see it all the time.

I’m not sure if its just not up and running at the moment, but your search bar doesn’t work for me at all on full screen/desktop size. In a minimized size, it will allow me to type what I want to search, but doesn’t actually allow me to search.

I’d maybe change up the sub-titles under each main subject you’re talking about. I thought they were buttons at first with a dead link (unless they are?) and kept trying to click them. Could just be me being click-happy though lol.

Last thing, the dark-grey, horizontal line that is right under the Ruby header in small screen view cuts into the Introduction title on the page. I’d give either one a little margin top or bottom to give it some space.

Wow, you are so kind!
I am working in all the corrections and will send you the new version.