My Technical Document Project -- please give me some feedback

Hello guys, I have finish my technical document project, this time I trying to build about Numpy’s document, hope you can give me some feedback, and wish you have a nice day! :blush:


Your page looks good @kxin. Something to revisit;

  • On smaller screens some of your code snippets overflow and cause a horizontal scrollbar. I just looked at it really quick and added overflow: auto; to your media queries of max-width: 750px and max-width: 400px You may only need it on the smaller one. I’ll let you try it.

@Roma Thanks your feedback for help me fix my project problem, and when I modify the problem I find another issue, it’s about my navbar, when the screen is smaller, my navbar below the end were have a empty space, I have trying to fix navbar height or width, but it seems did’t work, could you please help me give me some point to fix this problem? I’m appreciate :disappointed_relieved:!