My Technical Documentation feedback

Hello everyone. I have finally finished my Technical Documentation project and I really want you guys to have feedback on it since I haven’t coded for around 3 weeks due to work.

Here’s the link:

Also if you guys have time. Please take a look on my code. Try to responsive it and you guys won’t see my menu. I tried to fix but can’t. If you guys have any idea please tell me

Thank you

Well, for starters, I would not set the width to 0% on the #side div when the view port is less than 992px. That is kind of going to prevent the nav inside of if from being seen :slight_smile:

My suggestion, use a narrow-first (or mobile-first approach if you prefer that term) to styling your page. Narrow your browser in as far as it will go and style the page so it looks good at this narrow width. Don’t use any CSS break points here, this will be your default CSS. Only once you have the narrow view looking the way you want it then you can gradually widen the browser until you feel you have enough room to put the menu on the side and use a break point to make that transition.

thanks for your helpful solution

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