My Technical Documentation Page.Finished

I think it’s finished, it passed all the tests and I think it looks good on all sizes.

My Technical Documentation Page

and here’s the code on github

Would love to get some feedback.


I found some minor issues, solved them and now it’s finished (I think).
Any comments?

I don’t think there’s much to say, it works perfectly, I’ve tested it in desktop and mobile and everything works fine. Good work.

To really nitpick you could add a margin from the nav to the title. Even in that case, it only happens if the width of the page is in the middle range (kind of a tablet).


As I said, not sure if its even worth to change it, great work :+1:

Thank you. I missed that one. It’s on the todo-list now.
I’ll wait for more nitpicking :wink: and do them all at once. :smiley:

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