My Technical Documentation Page is done

Hello fellows Campers,

I’ve completed my technical documentation page challenge.
Great lack of inspiration for that one, so almost a perfect copy from the JS Documentation given as example…
Hope you’ll like my work anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Filling out the page with content you lifted violates the Academic Honesty Policy. You should really fix that. Even lorem ipsum, as boring as that is, doesn’t violate the policy. On the other hand, remember what Bill Gates’ prophetic words were: “Content is King.” You could literally fill it with stuff YOU are always looking up, and make it a personalized reference.

Functionally, the scroll animation is a nice touch. However, on mobile viewports, once you click an item in the navmenu, it scrolls up off the screen, so the user is stuck there. Fix that, and it will be well-implemented.

Thanks for the review, even if I’m not sure to completely understand the first part of your comment as English is not my native language.

Anyway, I made the change you suggested to make the menu always visible on mobile viewports.
I had to had extra space before each section to prevent it to be hidden by the menu when you click on a link, as a result now, there is big empty spaces between each section…

If you write up some content that you didn’t plagiarize from someone else, I’ll share a solution to your problem with you. You can even use lorem ipsum text, or write about how to fart with finesse. As long as the words are yours, or meaningless.