My Technical Documentation Page - NPM

Hi All,

I’ve finally completed my Technical Documentation Page.

This time I’ve decided to stick with a minimal design and a dark theme. Really worked hard to achieve a good typography and color palette.

Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Live Demo





Hi @iClusterDev!
A black background on a web page for me would represent a great challenge!!:cold_sweat:

I think you have achieved a very balanced result, both in terms of design and readability. Congratulations! :+1::clap::clap:

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Hi @MartaFagundez,

Thanks for your feedback!.

You are right, designing on a black background is a challenge indeed. I’ve even read somewhere that we should avoid doing this, as the color black is not “common” in the real world.

However I’m seeing this trend more often (like this website which is one of my favourites), so I’ve decided to experiment.

Your designs are amazing by the way! :grinning:

I’m now planning / designing on the product landing page.



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