My Technical Documentation Page project feedback

Dear Campers;
This is a link to my Technical Documentation Page project. Technical Documentation Page project
Constructive feedback is welcome.
Happy coding

Nice design :slight_smile: I do have a couple of points to suggest:

  • No need for the page title and the footer to always be visible. They take a significant portion of the screen and it’s a bit frustrating having so little space for the actual content.

  • The code segments look fine on full screen mode, but you should never use spaces to center the text because on smaller screens the code snippets are all the way to the right and you actually have to scroll.

  • You have a couple of errors in your code: The list element doesn’t exist in HTML. You have a ul tag, that’s your list, so delete the extra tags. And in CSS you have a duplicate display property in #sidebar declaration.

Good job otherwise and I hope this feedback was useful :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely have to implement some of the things.

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I now have a better version of the page thought it has failed to pass one test

i like it.keep practicing

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Thanks. I will definitely keep practicing.

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