My Tehnical Documentation Project

Here is my tehnical documentation page project. Feedback is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: .


Gradients galore. They look OK on the background but I would maybe tone it down a bit on the headers. I would probably also tone down the box-shadows a bit.

  1. I would increase the font size.

  2. I would give the section articles and code boxes more top/bottom margin, maybe 50px top/bottom for the articles and 30px top/bottom for the code.

  3. Unfortunately, you have used the same invalid HTML as the example project does, not your fault but just so you know it is using invalid HTML. If you click the little down arrow on the HTML code box and click the “Analyze HTML” it will tell you what the problem is.

The page is functional and passes all the test so I guess your good to go. Good Job.

Wow! i like the retro feeling, it looks like a shady black hat forum where members share black hat tactics.

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@lasjorg Thanks for the feedback , I did kinda overdue it with the gradients :sweat_smile: will check the validator tho

@appernetic Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: .

Apart from the gradients, looks good to me. I think the articles need a little more padding, but apart from that it passes all the tests. Nicely done, I would just tone down the gradients :smiley:

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@DipperDolphin I’l remove the header gradient, Its a bit too much i guess. Thanks for the feedback .

Nice design. I found two things; one a suggestion which is a placeholder so when I click on a topic on the left, it is distinct from the others. This could be a different font with color or style, etc. One minor thing was the doc says to select the code and do Ctrl R which I did. The page refreshed but nothing happened. Probably me. Overall, it looks like you put a lot of time and thought into this so good for you! Nice!

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@orleansd Good suggestion on the placeholder I will look into adding it, yeah i noticed the Ctrl R didn’t work but i thought it was only me :sweat_smile:

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