My test won't run up

I did my test but it won’t check my answer. Doesn’t show any mistakes and i can’t pass

That is not a correct way to format a logical condition with an && operator.


if ((condition 1) && (condition 2)) {

In your case, >=25 is not a fully formed logical condition.

Next time, please post the text of your code and a link to the challenge. Those are populated automatically when you click “Get Help” -> “Ask for Help” in the challenge.

The guy on video done it as i did, i tried like you wrote, but it doesn’t work either. Here is the link

Look carefully, the person in video did not type the condition like you did.

See also the written example in the challenge description:

// ((cond 1) && (cond 2))
if (num > 5 && num < 10) {
  return "Yes";
return "No
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Oh yes i see it now, sorry and thanks!

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No worries, its an easy mistake to make. We’ve all been there.