My text is over lapping;Solution found!

I tried flex, media query and mega tag and noting seems to work. Please take a look and let me know what the problem is.

I have a main id which might be interfering with my other elements. In the tribute page the main Id is the parent element of all other elements.

Hmm the proper comment for CSS is /* Comments */, <!-- Comments --> is for HTML, maybe that’s the problem.

the overlapping happens because you set line-height: 3px; on your h2 elements. Try increasing that number and it should fix the overlapping.
By the way, you have some typos and missing closing tags in your HTML and CSS, you should probably fix that too.

As @tkhquang said, comments in CSS are also made with /* comment */.

Happy coding!

I took out the padding and that worked.

Thanks for the reply.