My Tic Tac Toe Game!

Hi, guys!
I finished my Tic Tac Toe Game app.

CodePen URL
Github URL

My Tech Stack

  • Svelte
  • Rollup
  • CSS Grid / flexbox and Media Queries.

any feedback is welcome, Thanks!.


Hi @jmperezvzla

I like your app.

For me personally, the constant animation when I was playing the game was a little distracting.

But other than that, I think it is good.

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Yes it’s really good :kissing_heart:
My question is, can it be done with a javascript framework like React?

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You can find it in the react docs.

The tutorial uses classes.
but you can easily convert it to hooks.

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Nice! The only thing that I don’t like is the animation…

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it can be done in any framework o vanilla js.

Thank you!
I will try make it a little less animated.

I have already updated with less animation.

I love it! And I love that you used Svelte!

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Thank you!, Svelte it’s very great!

I love it, but cpu is kinda noob, though good work.

It’s an awesome app and useful to play Xs and Os two players in many ways