My tictactoe game. Have a play


here is my version of tic-tac-toe.

You should not be able to win. Computer AI acts like rational agent (unless there is a bug).
Your best chance is a tie.

Let me guys know what do you think.


Hi @tomski80

I just went to your tic-tac-toe game and tried it out.

Sorry to burst your balloon, but I managed a win after two ties.

In terms of feedback, I’d have preferred if the game used the screen for communication, rather than alert popups. Also, have you considered displaying the cumulative results?

Thanks for feedback. Do you remember pattern you used to win by any chance? Obviously there is a bug in my code if you managed to win.


OK I found my algorithm is flawed. Thanks for play-testing.

Sorry, I’ve only just seen your post. I don’t remember the exact pattern. But I see from your next message that you think you’ve found it.

Best wishes for the future.