My tribute/fan page - Mr. Robot

When I first started here and got to the tribute page challenge, I just wasn’t happy with the results, but I’m glad I made one as now I can compare what I did about a month ago that looked very static and 1.0-ish and this one which I did in just a few hours this weekend. It’s a bit less static I guess and I play around more with columns and some Javascript. The modals for the cast section are just copied from the modals section in the Bootstrap documentation but adapted of course to the content and the blinking effect is copied as well but adapted to what I wanted too.

I’d appreciate some feedback, and I know the code is very messy : ) If I had more time I would add some breakpoints for a mobile version for sure.

Thank you!

@Sergi-O Really nice Tribute page, keep up the good work! :grinning:

This is AWESOME! I did a Mr. Robot Tribute page as well. No where near as good as yours, but I’m proud of of it :slight_smile: