My tribute Page abc

I made this tribute page right after finishing the “course”.
Im not too happy with the outcome, but yeh its OK I guess.
Too many commands to know forehand but I gave it a try.

I’m a little frustated. I thought I just copy the code of the tutorial, so I can fill in my images, texts, etc.
So, while trying all this I noticed even when I’m copying the FULL code it wont work, lel?

Edit: Ok, apparently it’s because I was using Bootstrap 4.0, instead the 3.0. Dont know the difference, but well.

Looks good to me. Fix the typos you have there and call it finished :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

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Hello! Good Job!
Yes I had the same problem. I had to change some code to look the same with bootstrap 4.
I just noticed that you didn´t put the alt tag in the image. Thanks for the info about Christian Doppler!

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