My tribute page and projects

I have started to make some web pages :slight_smile:

Link to my tribute page:

I decided to link this with the survey page…its not complete yet, its fully functional and passes all tests but has not been dressed up yet on the page:

A bit about me:
I am 55 this year, I have not made a webpage since 1995…so everything is different now for me. I am a disabled veteran of the US army, I cant do allot of what I used to do…I wanted to find something I could do and enjoy doing. I thought lets make some web pages again, I did a search for web page tutorials…there was a link to freecodecamp…and when I decided to get serious about it, I learned allot from the tutorials so far.

I made a development environment on my computer for doing this code camp stuff.
OS: MX Linux - Debian
Software: gEdit, Atom, Geany, Firefox Developers Edition…
online: codepen github

Still learning about the software as well…if any one has a suggestion on other software or online sites…let me know and do give a look at my 1st webpage in over 20 years.

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day.

I can relate, I’m not 55 but I am a medically retired vet.

The tribute page looks good, I like the drop down for the details. Plus it is Mick Mars so there’s that. I would look into codecademy if you need a little more practice and Brad Traversy on YouTube, he is really good at explaining everything that has to do with Web Development.
VS Code is probably one of the best text editors out there, Atom and Sublime Text are great too.

Hi @curtisgall, thank you for your service. Your tribute page looks good. Something you may want to revisit.

  • Since you’re probably coding in Atom run your code (HTML and CSS) through a validator such as W3C’s Validation Service. codepen provides one also by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of each section
  • Use external CSS for styling instead of internal. It will be easier to validate the HTML and the CSS and eventually JS.

I just glanced at your survey form but you made it sound like it wasn’t ready for review yet so I won’t say anything.

Everyone has their fav editors. Personally I like Brackets. Tried switching to Atom at one point but since I had Brackets set up the way I liked it I didn’t feel like going through the same thing all over again with Atom.

I did get the survey page dressed up now…so have a look there as well :100:

I agree on the External CSS, after doing the tribute page, moving the css to another file is best…