My Tribute page (Ansel Adams) - Any feedback is welcomed

Hello, It is the first time I code something in HTML and CSS. I would appreciate any comment about my work. Thanks in advanced!

My codepen link is

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Looks awesome.

Make sure to stay consistent with your CSS class names as far as dashes and underscores are concerned. Some people prefer one or the other. It doesn’t matter as long as you are using the same thing throughout the code.

Good job.

One minor thing - if you resize the browser window the image does not scale automatically. It really is important that your page stays readable in different browsers, so you might want to fix that image scaling.

Thanks for your advice, tachang!. I will work on that.

For sure I will figure out how to fix the issue. Thanks for your feedback, lukaszsobek!, I really appreciate it.

Responsive images is the thing you might want to search for :wink:

Hello Renzo, Your tribute page is not responsive.
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