My tribute page - any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Hi Campers,
I have just completed the first of the basic front end development challenges here on FreeCodeCamp.
I would very much appreciate any feedback pertaining to my project.
Thx in andvance

My Tribute Page

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It’s a good page, I like it, but I’d change three things:

  1. Change the padding/margin so her pic is more centered with the Ayn Rand header above and the Biography text, there’s too much empty space above the pic.

  2. The hover effect for the books is nice, but turn them into clickable links.

  3. Change the padding/margin for the Ayn Rand header so there’s some space above it. You see the space you have for John Rogers at the bottom, give an equal amount of space for the Ayn Rand header on top.

Awesome work! The only feedback is that the images break out of the container if you adjust the size of the browser window. Maybe play with the bootstrap col class.

Thank you for the feedback!

Great end-quote! :smiley:
What’s with the little downward-facing arrow that opens up to the additional information?

Thx. :grin:
And what about it? I simply figured its implementation to be providing the page with some additional complexity…