My Tribute Page - - Appreciate any feedback

Hi coders,
here is my tribute page. Tour de France
Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve made changes.



From visual point of view it would be nice if the content was not so wide. You could set it to 80% and additionally add some max-width. Also I highly recommend to play with CSS more. Try some fonts instead of the default one, different style for lists and links.

Regarding the code:

  • very interesting trick with this <ol reversed start> thing!
  • remember - you put <main> inside the <body>, not outside :slight_smile:
  • it is also good to put <script> rather at the end of the html file (and somewhere between <html> tags)
  • for future reference: this is codepen-only advice, but on codepen you put only that part of the html code which resides inside <body>. All needed stuff from <head> can go to the pen settings.

At the end of the body

Thanks for the comments Steffan153 & grigoriewna. I have made modifications in line with your suggestions and I agree that it does now look better.
Thanks again