My tribute page challenge

Hi all, just finished my first project, i would really appreciate some feed back, thanks so much in advance

You can work on the header and make it responsive to mobile. When I visit it in mobile browser, the page doesn’t look good.

thanks I have done some more work on the page , what do you think, …

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Nope. The video embedded below is not at all responsive and the color choice is bad, use constrastchecker and decide colors.

The info paragraph is too big for mobile users. Link looks ugly, you can change links color too. - See this, looking good?

Change background and foreground color, also make video responsive, make text small, nest elements and change anchor tag color.

Good job!
As avizini said you could improve contrast, it would help.
You can try change the text font!

“here” is not accessible.
Please read up on accessibility in the beta course:

I have done some more work on it :slight_smile: