My tribute page_challenge

here is my first webpage

tribute page

Some feedback would be nice. Thanks in advance :handshake:

I really like your tribute page, however, there are few things that I noticed:

  1. Why is the ‘U’ in ‘Umar’ a different style?
  2. The green border around the second header is unbalanced. The bottom and right borders are clearly shown but the other two seem very feint.
  3. The lines above and below ‘sources’ looks very odd to me, are these just underscore characters?
  4. I didn’t immediately recognise what the jigsaw icon represented; the Islam City icon is hard to read, and together they don’t match up with the text links.

These are my thoughts. Please feel free to choose better ones.

thanks man i really appreciate your help :partying_face:

1-the U have no reason at all just for the style look( i guess u didn’t like it :blush: )
2-the green border its actually a box-shadow i fixed that now
3-yes it’s just high-thin characters
4-yes it’s hard to read i know (its black and the background is dark to ) i don’t know what to do about it except removing it and use a text