My Tribute Page completed!

Just finished my tribute page to Aphra Behn. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Cool! I really liked your creative style :slight_smile:

I probably would have used a different color palette, but that’s only my debatable opinion. You might find interesting the “color theory” and a lot of online tools to apply it ( this is just one of them: let you see the colors that better fit togheter in web works, published and so on).
Then, i see you used only HTML/CSS by scratch without any framework, that’s great for practicing. To make things faster take a look to Bootstrap. With it you’ll have a good responsive page too, with just few more class added to your code.
The problem with Bootstrap is that every work seems the same… but I don’t think you have to worry about it: your personal style has a good potential and it won’t undergo :clap:

PS: I leave my Tribute Page Link if you want to have a look and give me any advice. I really appreciate :slight_smile: