My tribute page, critics welcome!

Here is my tribute page, I tried to defer away from doing the same version as suggested. Let me know your thoughts please (good or bad!) thanks.

tribute page

Good page :thumbsup:

Maybe make the text a bit lighter color?

Thanks for the feedback.

Originally I was debating with myself whether or not to change the color of the text as well, but ended up going with what I have done.

I will have a play around and experiment with the color and see what I can achieve!

I like it. Good use of the art-deco style font, and the site is clean and responsive. I was actually into the gray text, it captured that mellow, jazz nightclub kind of feel.

Good stuff. Onward!

Nice! I love the font!

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Good one, I also made mine for Newton, but I found yours after I finished mine so … sorry for that.


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Based on style/web design resources I’ve been using, I would highly recommend making the text a little lighter. Otherwise, the layout and effects are great. Best of Luck!

Just a suggestion but here is what I would do to your site. Basically, it’s a preference thing but I think the pitch black background was a little too dark. Simply went a few shades up but kept that black and grey theme you had going. (which was a good idea). Also changed font and I think I added slight bit more letter spacing. Great tribute though!

thanks for the response, onwards an upwards!

thanks will have a fiddle around with it

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Thanks, I do agree with you the black background was a bit too much. Will have a play around with it.

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