My Tribute Page Design


This is my Tribute Page Design.
Even though i passed all the Tests, i don’t think i am using best practices. I would appreciate some constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.

Am i allowed to use external Materials? I did all Responsive Web Design Exercises, but i forgot almost everything. So i had to look up everything and even copy some Code from stackoverflow.

Edit 2: Awesome. Thank you very much for all your tips :slight_smile:

  • Make the Logo responsive.
  • Add some margin to “Learn to code and help nonprofits…”
  • You can turn the paragraph into a card and the image with caption into a separate card, it will look awesome.
  • add text-decoration:none; to the social link, it will hide the underline.
  • you can turn read more into a large button and place it inside the card.

That’s all for now. Happy Coding!

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The page looks good, the header doesnt resize when the window is shrunk and the social media icons look a bit small. In your css your fa-youtube, fa-medium, fa-twitter have the property of color:white repeated 3 times, it would be a lot easier to just put it once in your fa class.

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