My Tribute Page - Douglas Adams

Just completed the first project for Responsive Web Design. :grinning:

Tribute Page

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Nice…I like the way you framed his picture with ‘Best Known For’ and ‘Other Works’.
One thing though, all of those links take you to a Not Found page.

I love the color theme!

Looks nice man. I like the smooth border you used around the main div. Color scheme is also clean. I like how the quotes are different colors from the rest of the information.

The only criticism I have is I feel like the “best known for” and the “other works” sections feel unbalanced. I’m not sure why.

I just tested the links and they all seem to be working. Anyone else notice the links not working?

Yeah, I kind of had that as well. The column gap is equal. I think it is from the length of the links on the left as compared to the ones on the right. I’ll have to ponder it a bit more.