My tribute page - Dr. Carla Hayden

Here’s my tribute page for Dr. Carla Hayden - the first female and first African-American Librarian of Congress.

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Very nice! I really like your page.

Couple of things I would suggest:

  1. Take a look at the documentation from bootstrap on making the main image responsive or fluid, that way when you have different browsers sizes not only is your text layout changing to be complimentary but your image is too.
  2. I noticed you had a comment in there about figuring out to use the google fonts. on codepen its pretty simple. If you go into the settings for the html, theres a section there for you to put code that would go into your header, like the font source link. Just paste the link and then add the CSS selector font-family in your CSS tab.
  3. I would also suggest reformatted you html code to remove all your style tags, since you have a separate CSS tab, it would make the code simpler and more reader friendly to put all the style information as CSS selectors there.

If you’re looking for more feedback I would highly suggest you posting the link to your project in the top "Let’s discuss your “Tribute Page”. Its a whole forum post of tons of people posting their projects and most people get some good feedback :slight_smile:

Hope this helped. Feel free to respond with questions or comments

  • Nao

Thanks for the constructive comments! I really appreciate the feedback.

1 - I thought I had that setup, but you’re right…I tried it on my phone and while it looked great in landscape, it didn’t resize for the portrait view. I will definitely go back and take a look at that.

2 - I added it as a note (love that feature), but then went with the glow behind the letters instead. I should still try that out though as that’s an important skill.

3 - I was trying to keep everything in the html code as I thought the video said that pretty much everything should be in the html rather than CSS. I must have misunderstood. I thought I was going off track with what I did put in there so I tried to do all HTML.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Posted “as is” to the discussion page!

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