My Tribute Page (FCC Challenge)

I would appreciate your honest feedback. And actually, is it okay that I started a unique thread for this? The one that links off of FCC is now closed and when I searched I found a lot of individual threads. If this violates protocol I don’t mind taking it down.

Without further ado:


What a great person to do a tribute page for!

From what I can see, it looks good, but I can’t figure out how to get from the forum box to your Codepen to see it full screen. Scrolling through the little box doesn’t really let me see it well. Is there a way to see the Codepen?

Looks good but get rid of that JS you used to set the font-size of the H1. Just do that in the CSS file.

@LisaWillCode thank you very much.

How about if I post this version of the link, and not on it’s own line?:

Good catch @Nicknyr. I forgot I put that there. :wink: Thanks much.

Thanks, @Daringheart. It’s much nice - for me at least - to see the page as a whole. Nicely done!

One picky suggestion: Change the font of your footnotes “3, 4, 5” from the font you’re using for your header to footnote size and font family.