My Tribute Page - Feedback is seriously appreciated!

Hey guys! I just joined freeCodeCamp a few days ago after taking an break from coding. I was really excited/nervous for the tribute page project because there isn’t too many constraints fore the project. I was excited because I could literally do the tribute page on anything and style it however I want. I was nervous, because I could have taken the project through so many different approaches. I decided to do mine on Picasso, as his art serves as a huge inspiration for my own art.

Do you love it? Do you hate it? I’d appreciate any feedback that you all can provide me. It took me about 8 hours to finish. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@19Sean96 Well done! I like that you have <head> and <body> elements. A lot of projects I’ve reviewed leave them out. I also like that you don’t use IDs for styling! Also, all of your images have alt attributes.

I like the color scheme you chose. You may want to run some of the colors through a contrast checker to make sure they’re visible to as many people as possible.

I see you’re using inline styling like <i> and <strong>. Why didn’t you add font-style: italic; to your .quote h2 CSS selector? I’m curious if there’s a reason why you chose to use <i> instead. Technically, I think in this case since it appears the <i> element is presentational to get the italic effect, I think you should use ‘<em>’ instead. Here’s more about that.

Do you know about HTML5’s semenatic elements? These will help your HTML be more readable and they’re better for accessibility.

I only see a small number of errors when I run your code through an HTML validator, so that’s really good.

I’m looking forward to seeing your future projects. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve never used a contrast checker, but I see how that would be useful in the future.

Regarding using , there’s no reason other than habit (I also forgot about ). I haven’t had too much experience with semantics, but I’ll be sure to study that.

I’ve actually never used an HTML validator. I just checked it out and found 3 errors. I would have never noticed them!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and taking time to leave feedback!