My Tribute page. Feedback is welcome


I just finished my first HTML/CSS project. Is a Tribute page about a great actor, Sylvester Stallone. You can see mi project here:
Feedback is welcome!

Looks pretty good. Maybe try something different and creative with the background design.

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Nice! :yum:

<li><b>1989</b><i> - Tango &amp Cash</i></li>

hey… you forgot the semicolon after &amp… (not an html best practice ;p)

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Yes, you’re right. It is fixed. Thank you!!


Yes, I should to be more creative, but it’s not my best skill :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks good to me, why don’t you link back all the movies to their imdb page, any movie buff like me would certainly love that.

Yes, that’s a great idea!

I will do it in the future.

How did you use the ForkMe! FCC to test and submit your tribute page?